September 8, 2015: Secretary of State John Kerry appoints State Department “email czar.”

Janice Jacobs (Credit: CSpan)

The official job title created for Janice Jacobs will be Transparency Coordinator. The position is needed due to the growing number of document requests and lawsuits related to Clinton’s email scandal. The Department has been criticized for responding to document requests slowly or not at all, and for not permanently archiving more documents. CNN reports, “Privately, aides say [Kerry] has been annoyed at the distraction the controversy has caused for his department, which has at times overshadowed his diplomatic efforts.” (CNN, 9/8/2015

It will later be reported that the State Department has started automatically preserving the emails of Kerry and his senior aides. (The Washington Post, 11/9/2015)

Jacobs donated $2,7000 to Clinton’s presidential campaign in July 2015, the maximum allowable by law. (CNN, 9/9/2015)