Around July 2013: Clinton’s emails still are not encrypted.

According to an unnamed Platte River Networks (PRN) employee, Clinton’s server has encryption protection to combat hackers, but the individual emails have not been protected with encryption. With PRN taking over management of the server in June 2013, this employee will later tell the FBI that “the Clintons originally requested that email on [Clinton’s] server be encrypted such that no one but the users could read the content. However, PRN ultimately did not configure the email settings this way, to allow system administrators to troubleshoot problems occurring within user accounts.” (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 9/2/2016)

July 2013: Clinton’s private server is reconfigured to use a commercial email provider.

The MX Logic logo (Credit: MX Logic)

The MX Logic logo (Credit: MX Logic)

The Colorado-based provider, MX Logic, is owned by McAfee Inc., a top Internet security company. This comes one month after Clinton hired the Colorado-based Platte River Networks to maintain her email server, and four months after a hacker named Guccifer publicly exposed Clinton’s private email address for the first time. (The Associated Press, 3/4/2015) 

Computer security expert Matt Devost will later comment: “The timing makes sense. When she left office and was no longer worried as much about control over her emails, she moved to a system that was easier to administer.” (Bloomberg News, 3/4/2015)