March 30, 2016: Wisconsin’s largest newspaper criticizes Clinton’s transparency.

Several days before a closely contested Democratic presidential primary in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel publishes an editorial by their editorial board entitled, “Clinton’s Abysmal Record on Open Government.”

It states that Clinton’s “horrible track record on transparency raises serious concerns for open government under a Clinton administration—so serious we believe they may disqualify her from public office.” It adds, “the only believable reason for the private server in her basement was to keep her emails out of the public eye by willfully avoiding freedom of information laws. No president, no secretary of state, no public official at any level is above the law. She chose to ignore it, and must face the consequences.”

The editorial concludes, “Clinton has a long track record of public service but an equally long record of obfuscation, secrecy, and working in the shadows to boost her power and further her ambition.” (The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/30/2016)