February 18, 2016: Cheryl Mills still has her US government security clearance.

This is according to a State Department document. Mills was Clinton’s chief of staff during Clinton’s time as secretary of state, and it is widely believed that she is one of the people under FBI investigation for security-related issues. (US Department of State, 2/18/2016) 

McClatchy Newspapers has noted that “it’s common practice to suspend [security clearances] while an investigation or internal inquiry is ongoing, according to some national security experts on Capitol Hill and in private practice.” (McClatchy Newspapers, 9/30/2015) 

The New York Observer later calls it “miraculous” that Mills still has her security clearance, since “the very first thing normally done to any persons involved in an FBI espionage investigation…would be to pull their clearances at once.” (The New York Observer, 3/4/2016)